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Thursday, March 4

damn...it's been a long time

so new thoughts.....

who said the twenty-somethings is the greatest time of your life? please introduce me to all those fortunate ones who enjoyed themselves. maybe they hold some golden secrets that i can con out of them. so it's no big secret...i'm not enjoying the beginnings of my twenties.
there is just so much brewing. just when i think i'm about to maybe get a grasp on things, i get thrown a curveball and i'm all off track again. pick up the pieces and give it another try. i'm tired...i'm ready to be old. it's so easy being young and i think it's going to be great being old and all the wiser. don't get me wrong, this chaos in between can be fun at times, but how do i know i'm doing the right thing? since when did i become afraid?
eh....i know this is just a time in my life. and yes, i know i'll come out on top. but it's just so tiring. ya know?

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Thursday, March 6


i have really mastered the art of it, or do i just permanent senioritis? i should be blogging a lot in the next month because i have ridiculous amounts of work to do. they really piled it on for graduation. i envy those fortunate seniors who don't have class on fridays and can go out 6 nights a week and wake up at 2 every day. WHY CAN'T THAT BE ME!?!

of course this week has been hell. i come back from the bahamas and what do i get? an exam and a paper!! WHOOHOOOO

the bahamas...sigh....

i'm having the worst withdrawal and nostalgic pains daily. i miss the sun, i miss the friends, i miss the freedom, i miss the sun, i miss the sun. spring break was amazing. i got to kick back for a week and not stress about school. the ridiculous money spent was well worth it.
i sometimes wonder how different i would be had i chosen a different path in college. don't get me wrong, i've loved almost every minute of it. i met some wonderful people on break and it makes me sad that i have so limited time with them. i think i have something like 52 days of school left. WOW. i'm in shock. i'll be honest, i'm not responsible enough for the real world. don't worry, you guys know i'll be able to handle it, but i'm just not wanting to let go of this yet.

i'm not ready to stop yet, but this paper is not gonna just go away! i have so much to say lately, but i'm gonna end this. til next time!

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Sunday, February 16


1. Tow truck drivers.
To all you drivers out there, how do you sleep at night? how do you live with yourself? don't get me wrong, i'm not condeming all of you. just brewers. you guys are the assholes of this campus. why do you circle around looking for cars to tow? do you think we college students have extra money to blow? and why does it cost me $95 dollars when i catch you doing your shady little deeds? AND THE ASSHOLE PATRONIZED ME!!! WTF!?! this is the same stupid towing company that wrongfully towed my car last year. the idiots towed my car thinking that it was another one that had outstanding tickets. friggin ids...i shoulda sued them.

okay....maybe this should have been called the thing i hate. since there is only one item. i'm sure i'll think of more.


i don't think further explanation is needed
2. only 12 more hours til my final review of my horrendous project. at least it will be over soon.
3. procrastinating...k back to work

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